Our Designers 
Fashion Week Studio presents international designers every seasons (February/March & September/October)in NYC, Milan and Paris.



The fusion between a traditional production method and an innovative design, is the golden stitch of a brand in constant evolution.


Yolancris dresses Beyoncé, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Kate Moss and the Kardashians.



MIASHAN is a Luxury Couture Fashion Brand inspired by twin sisters Amelia (Mia) and Shushana (Shana) and their passion for fashion. 


All creations are designed and made at ASCOT - LONDON - UK 

Salvatore Pappacena


The young designer has rightfully entered the Olympus of Campania couturiers. He completed his studies at the art school and later at the fashion academy. Later he collaborates with famous fashion houses.


He has cultivated his passion for the world of fashion with commitment since he was a child, when he sewed clothes with the scraps of fabric left over from the clothes that the seamstresses made for his grandmother.

Bruno Carusso


In the bridal fashion sector, the most creative and sophisticated dresses must undoubtedly be attributed to Bruno Caruso Priveé, whose collections represent a moment of great emotional and cultural impact.

Bruno Caruso is the fashion designer for brides who love to combine elegance and contemporaneity.



“Exaggerated luxury” is not a phrase you hear very often. But it’s what the dynamic design duo popularly known as Quiteria and George is known for.

Think beautiful, larger-than-life gowns that float down the runway; spools of fabric intricately constructed not only to bring flat material to life, but also to capture the curves and attitude of enduring femininity.

Christopher Korey


At CKC, we do not believe in ready to wear. We believe in the freedom of design.


Our philosophy is to guide our customers through our range of exclusive garments, allowing them to build their wardrobe through our custom hybrid clothing.



GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez is a haute couture designer specializing in empowering women of all shapes and sizes with bold, elegant styles.


Made in the cosmopolitan city of angels, Los Angeles, celebrity designer Johana Hernandez specializes in haute couture dresses and bridal speaking to the heart of the modern woman.



C.R.LEE design aesthetic is combining the sophistication of city life and the ease of beach side living. Her belief in each individual piece, fluid movement and edgy details.


This is a way that can work for all women, pushing them to reveal the strong, ambitious and the luxurious side of themselves.

Zara Umrigar


Zara Umrigar launched in 2011, with it's focus on intricately hand embroidered peices and a modern twist on the designer's love for all things Old Hollywood Glamour.


Inspired by the contradiction between a time gone by and world we live in today, her classic pieces exude grace, beauty and opulence with great attention to detail.



HEILL is a High-end Ready to wear brand that appeals to men and women looking for quality, creativity and comfort with high fashionable taste. It was founded by ambitious designer Heill Yang in 2012 in Seoul.


After 30 years of experience in Paris, Tokyo, China and in different field of fashion, Heill envisioned creating a High-end cosmopolitan brand that would make accessible Luxury a REALITY.

Jacqueline City


Jacqueline City is a 23 year old model, actress, fashion designer and entrepreneur - currently focusing on her fashion brand Jacqueline City Apparel.

Slouchy Z


What Slouchy'Z provides is not only the stylish abayas and dresses but a unique trait of wear line.

Every piece of the collection illustrates the passion for exclusivity: the mixture of colors, the flow of the textile, the adequacy and delicacy of the cuts, all of which gathered, provoke passion and understanding of what the contemporary women needs.



Nazarene Amictus is an unconventional luxury clothing brand for both man and woman, created by His Royal Highness Prince Iheanyi Njemanze of the Njemanze Royal Dynasty of the Eastern region in Nigeria. Nazarene Amictus clothing is influenced by clothing in Ancient Rome from early century BC.

​Géraldine Daulon


Géraldine Daulon, Plastic Artist and Fashion Designer-Modelist Luxury Couture trained at ESMOD Paris, has been creating since the past three years within the wedding universe.

Giovanni De Castro


Mexican brand founded by Alan Giovanny De Castro Camargo on October 22, 2017, making its first appearance on a catwalk in Morelia Michoacán, presenting a mini collection.